This Is What Yoga Is All About

This Is What Yoga Is All About

Yoga is an ancient practice. In spite of that, it’s still pretty popular nowadays. People are curious about it. They’re trying it out and enjoying it. As a matter of fact, yoga has been included in the list of fitness trends for 2016.

This video shares the whole list of tough fitness trends for 2016. You will find wearable technology as the number one tough fitness trend.

Wearable technology is the hottest trend for the new year, according to the American College of Sports Medicine Annual Fitness trend Forecast. There’s a Fitbit, Jawbone, even one disguised as jewelry.

These devices can be paired with your phone and tablets so that you can keep an eye on your progress and make adjustments to your movement and diet as needed.

Second on the list is Body Weight Training. This is followed by High-Intensity Interval Training.

Interestingly, an ancient practice like yoga is next on the list.

Also on this list, yoga. Still very popular and based on ancient traditions. Yoga uses specific body postures to promote health and relaxation. Great for your body and your mind.

There’s must really be something about yoga that makes it very relevant even to this day.

What Yoga Is Not About

With the popularity of yoga, more people have become curious about it. It is for that reason that there’s just so much information about yoga these days.

Unfortunately, that could be quite confusing. Information overload on yoga, not only confuses a lot of people, but it also turns them off.

So if you’ve been pretty curious about yoga but at the same time, scared or intimidated but it, take a look at this video. It aims to make yoga more accessible to everybody.

I want to talk about the misconceptions that are rampant today between what yoga is and what yoga isn’t and just generally help make yoga more accessible because it truly is something that can benefit everybody.

I want to bring people into the awareness that yoga is not a about wearing your underwear in a studio. Yoga is not about sweating so much that you’re dehydrated. Yoga is not about fainting yourself in a class. It’s actually the opposite.

In addition to that, the video clearly states that yoga is not some kind of workout.

Yoga is not a workout. The great thing is that muscle tone and flexibility is the side effect of yoga.

The Benefits Are Endless

A lot of people have considered this ancient practice as some kind of workout because of the weight loss that comes with it. Nonetheless, that’s just icing on the cake.

Yoga is about becoming so comfortable with yourself and having so much interior tranquility through breathing that you’re at peace and you’re at peace every moment of the day. Living your daily life but you look things differently.

Yoga is popular today because it helps with every single thing that people in today’s society need. This is stress. This is having to sit in a chair all day, it you’re working an office job. This is having to deal with living in the city. You’re living in a confined space with a lot of people. Maybe you’ve lost touch with nature. Maybe you’ve lost touch with how to have a good night’s sleep. Yoga is something that can help with all of these things.

The more you practice yoga, the more benefits you’ll reap from it.

Things are brighter to you. You hear people. You really connect with your friends and your loved ones and yourself in a way that wasn’t possible before you took up the practice.

When it comes to diet, yoga trains you to care about the food you eat.

You also find yourself treating your body and your mind with a higher level of respect. You are caring about what you put in your body.

Yoga helps you to become more mindful about the food you eat. It won’t really compel you to eat the certain kinds of foods. What’s going to happen is that you will realize on your own as to what kinds of foods you should eat. That comes with constant yoga practice.

So at some point, you would have to change your diet. That’s something you shouldn’t worry about because a diet delivery service like Bistro MD can help you along the way.

If you are trying to lose weight through yoga and you want to make sure you are eating the right kinds of foods, then Bistro MD is the right meal plan for you.

Aside from the fact it offers an array of programs for men and women, you can also personalize your very own program with Bistro MD. That matters a lot if you are carefully watching what you eat.

Combining yoga with your very own personalized program from Bistro MD won’t be so hard to do. You won’t have a hard time adjusting to your diet because yoga will help you transition to a healthier diet like Bistro MD.

You know, when you’re in yoga and you’re doing some simple posture that involves twisting, you have a connection with your internal organs even on the level that you become conscious about how your digesting food. It makes you think about what you want to eat for food. So, really amazing thing what happens in terms of your self-awareness through the practice of yoga.

Should you decide to change your diet as you progress with yoga, you can easily personalize your meal plan with Bistro MD. Eating the right diet as you go on with yoga shouldn’t be such a big deal with Bistro MD.

Be Ready To Commit

The video shares some great tips on how to start practicing yoga. It clearly states that you need to commit to yoga. For starters, you can commit to learning more about yoga.

There is a commitment. Checking out some studios. Buying a mat. Putting yourself in a room where you can learn.

Yoga is not an overnight practice. It takes time to learn it.

If you put in that effort, if you put in an hour or two a week with your mat and you find a teacher or a group of friends that are practicing in a style of yoga that suits you, after six months, after one year, after five years, what you find is that you don’t need to be in a studio anymore to be practicing yoga. You don’t need to be on your mat to be practicing yoga.

This is what happens when you choose yoga as a lifestyle.

You’re practicing yoga with how you walk down the street. You’re practicing yoga with how you breathe when you’re waiting in a line at the bank. You’re practicing yoga with your selection of food, with how you’re listening to people. It really becomes your lifestyle.

Below is the true essence of yoga:

These postures and moving the body make it 25% of what yoga actually is. The other 75%, lifestyle, about how you treat yourself, how you treat others, how you breathe, how you sleep at night, getting to a point where you know yourself so well that every decision you make on a daily basis, moment to moment is coming from your heart. Your intuitions are stronger and your ability to be true to yourself is there. It’s actualized. That’s the larger practice of yoga.

The beautiful thing is that it is a process. There is a yoga that is right for everybody and if you listen to your body and you are smart with how you learn these postures and you’re smart with the classes that you choose to take, you will never be injured. Your knees, your muscles, your ligaments, your joints are going to be stronger and more flexible. The benefits are for your life. the larger aspects of your life are going to just amaze you. It’s amazing.

That’s what yoga is all about. Even if you just consider it as great way to lose weight, the benefits you will experience from doing yoga go way beyond the physical aspect.

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  1. At first, I thought yoga was just some kind of fad People get into it and after some time, it’s going to be forgotten. Just like what happened to aerobics in the eighties. Surprisingly though, yoga is still pretty popular these days and all kinds of variations of yoga is coming out and it’s amazing.

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