Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Yes, I’m a yoga junkie. That’s a far cry from being an expert because, clearly, I’m not. I want to make that clear as early a now.

I’m just a yoga junkie because I’m just so hooked on it that I have decided to come up with a website. With this website, I aim to share with you all the wonderful things I am learning about yoga.

Together, we could explore the amazing world of yoga here on my website. One of the reasons why I am exploring the amazing world of yoga is because of the many benefits that come with practicing it. Weight loss is one of the major benefits and that’s what got me started with yoga.

Hence, this site is all about yoga and how it’s helping me lose weight. On that note, I would like to welcome you here.

Your visit means a lot to me. I am looking forward to sharing with you my journey. There are just a few things I would like to state here on my Terms of Service.

What It Means To Be Here

It’s really nice to have you here. However, your presence here means that you agree to the Terms of Service of this website. Even if you haven’t read everything stated here, the fact that you are here on this website means you have agreed to strictly comply with the Terms of Service.

That’s the reason why you should take some time to know what’s stated here. If you don’t have time to do that, you can just leave.

Now if you really want to stay and make use of this website, go on read the Terms of Service stated below.

Communicate With Respect

If you have your own thoughts and comments here, feel free to share them. As long as they are all related to the topic of yoga, they will always be accommodated here.
You just have to communicate with respect because the use of profanity and abusive language is strictly not allowed here.

So in the event that you want to share some of your thoughts and comments here with me, make sure that you are aligned with the topic of yoga and you are communicating with respect. This is, after all, a relaxing and calming yoga site. Profanities and abusive language don’t belong here.

Along with chosen service providers, I will feature products that can help with weight loss and at the same time, work well with yoga. I have personally tried the service providers and products featured here.

Some of them are pretty effective while some aren’t. However, that’s all based from my own personal testing and research. It could be different story for you.

Nonetheless, I feature these service providers and products to share with you my personal thoughts and experience. That’s all. I am not telling you to try any of them.
Should you decide to see for yourself, this Terms of Service clearly states that you are responsible for any actions and decisions you make.

In case you have any complaints, do not take them here. If you are not happy with any of the products featured here, then take your complaint somewhere else. I would like to reinforce that this website does not deal with complaints as well.
It’s vital that we communicate with respect here. Should this be violated, I will not hesitate to take legal actions.

Proper Sharing Of Contents

The articles posted here are 100% original. A lot of time and research have been put in to come up with informative yoga articles. Needless to say, I own all the articles posted here.

If you like them, share them but share them properly. The proper way to share my articles is by letting me know first where and how you will use them. In case you don’t have the time to do that, make sure to link the articles back here.

Seek Expert Advice

I started yoga for the purpose of weight loss. Fortunately, I am experiencing more than that.

Yoga is not just about weight loss and that’s one of the many things I am excited to share with you here on my website. I am pretty sure you will get excited as well.
Keep in mind that I am not an expert. I started practicing yoga under the supervision of various medical, health, and yoga experts. Do the same thing and seek expert advice first.


The Terms of Service of this website will be updated from time to time. As a responsible user, you should take some time to update yourself with all the changes.
You will not be informed of the changes. There will be no emails sent to you. Instead, the changes will be posted here and will take effect immediately. That’s more than enough reason for you to stay updated with the Terms of Service of this website.