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Here Are Two Awesome Ways To Start Your Day Right

Here Are Two Awesome Ways To Start Your Day Right

Girl Doing Yoga in the Morning
Doing yoga in the morning is a good way to lose weight and start your day.

Start it right. That’s the best way to wake to an awesome day. The first thing you do in the morning can have a huge impact on how you will feel throughout the day. So be very careful with how you start your day.

There’s just no way you can go wrong with starting your day with a little yoga and a yummy, healthy breakfast.

A Quick Yoga In Bed Does Wonders

It’s never easy waking up early in the morning every single day. You always want to steal a few minutes to doze off again. Unfortunately, that’s not a good idea. Chances are, you might end up sleeping in. If you have to be at some place at a certain time, you might just end up showing up late or not showing up at all.

Doing a little yoga in bed is a better way to get up in the morning and feel amazing throughout the day. So instead of stealing five minutes to doze off again, why not try a little yoga in bed?

It’s not going to hurt. As a matter of fact, you will feel a lot better after doing a quick yoga in bed.

Yes, you can do it because this simple yoga in bed consists of very doable stretches that will rejuvenate you and help you get out of bed.

So why not give it a try? This video shows you how you can do a little yoga in bed.

Today, I’m going to show you guys some yoga that you can do for the morning. This is yoga, which you can do when you wake up in the morning…Stretch out a little bit…

Soon as you open your eyes, don’t get up right away. Stay in bed but don’t go dozing off. This is what you should do instead.

Just…lay on your back. I like to do this routine sometimes with my eyes closed because it kind of makes the wake up process a little bit less traumatic.

So with you eyes closed, you can just interlace your hands and stretch all the way up and stretching with your feet too and just come all the way back and stretch your arms up.

That stretch is really going to make you feel amazing. That’s exactly what you need after a long sleep.

A good stretch will not only wake you up in a very pleasant way. It will also do wonders for your back especially if you sleep in a curved position.

Here’s another stretch that’s going to make you feel so good. After interlacing your hands and raising them high enough to give your back a good stretch, do this.

Take your foot and cross it all the way with your body and really reach with that other hand …and release and come back.

And try on the other side. This is really good. My spine always pops and cracks when I do this. Just getting all the kinks out of the morning.

This is an amazing stretch. You stretch your left foot to the right with your left hand stretching out on the left side. You will feel amazing. The opposing stretches will do wonders for your back.

When that’s done, do this.

Then just bring one hip and gently just rock your knee around in a circle…This is gently releasing your hip in the morning. And then just switch your legs.

At this point, you’re wide-awake but don’t get up yet.

Just bring both knees up and you can roll to the side …This is just like Savasana, end of yoga class. So you really want to take your time getting your body out of these positions here and sitting all the way up.

You’re wide-awake and still in bed but this time, you’re sitting up.

Then I’ll do a little meditation just before I get out of bed. And if you don’t have time, every morning to do this…30 seconds really doesn’t make that big of a difference. So just try for 30 seconds.

Just sitting up really tall, making sure your spine is aligned…then just closing your eyes and without being too dramatic about it, just focus on your breath, in and out, a few times.

Now is the time for you to slowly get out of bed. There’s no need to hurry. You still have plenty of time.

Stay at the end of the bed, Sitting up really tall…interlace your hands and stretch all the way up.

That stretch feels really, really good. Your yoga isn’t over yet. Now, give yourself a good stretch on the right side and after, on the left side. You’ve just about stretched your body in every direction without feeling any pain or strain on the body.

And then coming over to one side…and then to other side. You can even do a stretch over and sometimes this feels really good, shaking the head and neck up and rolling it up carefully.

By this time, you should feel pretty good to stand up and get out of the bed in the morning and it’s not so bad. Then just interlace your hands, ready to take one more stretch all the way up. And then you’re pretty much ready for your day.

Get Some Breakfast

After those amazing stretches from your quick yoga in bed, your body now deserves a good breakfast. A good breakfast is one that’s going to make you feel awesome throughout the day. Needless to say, a good breakfast is a healthy breakfast.

A good source of a healthy breakfast is Bistro MD. You will find a wide range of variety of freshly cooked meals from Bistro MD. If you have your specific preferences, you can actually come up with your own meals without the hassle of cooking anything.

It’s not easy to come up with a good, healthy breakfast every single morning. Nonetheless, you just have to come up with one. If not, you’re going to put all those stretches to waste.

With Bistro MD, good food is delivered you. That makes it easy for you to eat a good breakfast every single day.

If you’re not yet ready to give up your usual breakfast that’s not exactly good for you, just be patient. The good thing about those yoga stretches is that you’re going to want to eat something good for your body. You’re not going to want to fill your tummy with some sugary cereals. After a couple of yoga stretches, your body will crave for something more substantial than sugary cereals.

When you start to do some yoga, you will find that your body will want to eat fresher and more natural foods. As you get on a regular yoga schedule, you will realize the intimate connection of food to your body.

Well-renowned Indian Yoga Guru and author, Sadhguru explains it really well.

If you eat food and your body feels very agile and alive, that means it’s good food and your body is liking it. If you eat something, it feels dull, that means it’s not liking it. It’s having difficulty with it. That’s why it feels dull.

With that in mind, you really need to be mindful of the food you eat. It’s crucial that you have a good breakfast every single day.

So a good breakfast and a quick yoga in bed can really to start your day right. That’s just really awesome!